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Fa Mulan
17 April 2012 @ 11:30 pm
Feedback on how I play Mulan here :) Critique, praise, all is welcome.

Comments screened~
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Fa Mulan
17 April 2012 @ 08:28 pm
❦ basics
name: Fa Mulan
age: 18
Gender: Female
Movie/series: Mulan
year or position: First Year, College
Non-Speaking Animal Companion(if any): Khan
Powers(if any): Qi
After Mulan saved the Middle Kingdom she was given information on how to practice a special martial arts only reserved for the most honorable warriors. Qi basically gives one the power to control the internal flow of their life force in amazing feats of strength and even basic elemental powers.

Mulan hasn't mastered all of this technique and so far has only got the explosive strength down. What does that look like? Click.

Basically that. Pretty much. Take in note she can only really practice these techniques when she's in an emotionally calm state. So while that means she won't be beating any person at the school to a complete pulp, she also has the ability to be calm in battle and use these techniques to their greatest strength.

❦ In depth:
Personality: Mulan is not shy and never afraid to speak her mind. However, within her lies inner turmoil, she does not know whether it is better to follow her heart and be herself, or try and up hold her own dignity(dare I say, honor?) and fit in more. Even after saving her homeland and becoming a living legend among her people she is wracked with doubt about her own image. However she always puts on a strong front and tries not to let people worry about her. She'd much rather care for others and try to fix their problems, however part of this is for the selfish reason of feeling if she can better other people's lives she will be looked upon with more respect.

She never tries to be a trouble maker, however trouble always seems to follow her. It doesn't help that she's a major clutz at times. It depends on her level of concentration really. She can get caught up in important tasks, especially if she is doing something physically, she has always been a natural athlete. However in tense moments she is easily distracted and loses awareness of where she is and what her body is doing. However, her time spent honing her physique in the army has made her somewhat more coordinated.

She loves her family and friends above anything else and would do anything to protect them. She especially has a soft spot for any friends she has considering she was a bit of an outsider when growing up. She forgives easily, however after one too many grievances she can give up on people with out so much a second word.

Finally, she is warm and accepting of other people. She's quick to give people whom she hardly even knows hugs and is happy to receive like attention from her friends as well. However she's a bit more skittish around men her age considering her conservative background.

Canon Background: click

AU Background:Mulan's father was called up for service for the war going on. Mulan knew he wouldn't survive the war with his injury. Instead Mulan took his place and went into the army pretending to be a boy.
Eventually her unit was called to the front as the enemy was about to evade, with her quick thinking and wits she was able to defeat the oncoming army and protect the Middle Kingdom's border. When it was revealed who she was, more specifically that she was a woman, there was mass outrage. However, the emperor saw her actions as honorable and, after she refused a position on his political team, offered her a chance to attend Disney Academy, all expenses paid.
Mulan agonized over this decisions for days, however her parents urged her to go. Eventually she decided to attend this school to please her parents, and try to learn more about the world in order to help stop the black mist.

Appearance: Her hair has mostly grown back since she cut it off and is almost at its original length. She's pretty short and slim. She prefers to wear a tie instead of a bow with her uniform, mostly because she feels the bow is a little feminine when compared to her
Classes: none yet
Clubs: none yet
Best Subject: PE
How long have they been at the school(remember this school is from kindergarten on): This is her first year

❦ Permissions
Kissing/hugging/etc: Fine by me
Injuries: I am okay with this as well :B
Killing: Please contact me first!
Mindreading/memory wiping/etc.: Contact me first~
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Fa Mulan
17 April 2012 @ 08:27 pm
❦ Relationships

I am just going to comment here with the relationships Mulan has with specific characters at disney_academy.

Icons have no bearing. They are just pretty~
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